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Quality smoke alarms and fire alarm systems

SD Fire alarms is pleased to offer the highest quality fire alarm range, smoke alarms and alarm systems to ensure your safety. Based in South Devon, England, our company is backed by three decades of experience in Fire Protection and Security. During that time, we have created close links with the most recognized manufacturers, which allow us to offer our customers the best quality products on the market. Our product range covers:


  • Fire Protection
  • First Aid
  • Security
  • Disability Aid
  • Electrical

Smoke alarmsAlarm systems installationFire alarm range

We can supply worldwide and can take orders online or over the phone. We can also offer guidance and support for all of our products.


Our first aim is to be closely in touch with you, provide fire safety information that could be of your interest and offer the best quality fire protection products on the market. Also we would like to thank your loyalty with special prices and offers, especially in smoke alarms and alarm systems.


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